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Average childcare costs

Parents now pay an average of over £6,600 per year, for just a part-time nursery place, so it takes up a large chunk of the family budget. In areas like London, costs can be much higher. It’s essential to budget carefully for your childcare costs and claim all the help that’s available.

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Help with childcare costs

Help with childcare costs is available from the government and employers - from Tax-Free Childcare to free childcare. Working families may get £2,000 per child each year towards childcare with Tax-Free Childcare. This article takes you through of the options available to you.

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Changes that may affect maintenance payments

Paying or receiving spousal maintenance can be difficult for both parties. It means having to re-think your household budget, while trying to get to grips with your new circumstances. This article and links will help you work out how any changes in income, new relationships and other events might impact maintenance payments.

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How much child maintenance should I pay?

If you and your ex-partner have children, you’re both expected to continue to pay towards their costs after you separate. And often that means one parent will pay the other. You can agree this between you or, if you can’t agree, ask the Child Maintenance Service to calculate the amount. This article and links take you through the options.

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Childcare options

Choosing the right childcare can be a daunting task. This article takes you through the different options - think about which ones suit your family’s needs and budget best.

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