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Agreement Builder - Dividing stuff

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(based on usage up to 9th September 2020)

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Getting started with Agreement Builder

  • When answering the questions that follow, keep in mind the best interests of your children. You might not have fully formed answers to every question at this stage, that’s okay.
  • The process of answering the questions in each agreement builder should help you consider what outcomes are best for your children and both of you. They can form a useful starting point when discussing your situation with your ex-partner or a legal representative such as a solicitor.

The starting point in England and Wales with respect to your assets when divorcing is 50/50, however the actual overall financial settlement will depend on your current circumstances and needs. Check the information in the dividing stuff topic to understand your position and rights. Taking this information into account, you will then want to think about what outcomes you’d like to see with respect to your matrimonial or jointly owned assets.


Do we need regular meetings to sort out our assets?
If you want to, you can explain your reasons for your choice in the follow on question.

Dividing possessions

For example, such as gaming devices, TVs and bicycles.
For example cars, jewellery and savings.
For example,  white goods and furniture, along with the cost of acquiring them.
Are there any other cultural aspects that we need to make sure are respected?
Do you have assets that you will need to sort out?
Find out more in the dividing stuff topic. Use our assets calculator tool work out what you individually and jointly own. You can document the details and your desired outcomes using the Agreement builder – Dividing stuff. This will give you an understanding of what needs to be organised as part of your separation process.
This is the total of assets you solely own.
This is the total of assets that your ex-partner solely owns.
This is the total of assets that you jointly own.
This is the total of joint, ex-partner and your assets.

Check your situation with our assessment tools

  • Assets calculator

    Use this tool to do help you calculate your financial situation. Add the information to your 'Agreement builder - Dividing stuff tool' along with your thoughts around what outcomes you'd like to see.

    Debt calculator

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