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Getting documents together

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As you go through your separation and divorce you’ll need a fair bit of information and many official documents to hand. This is to check dates, facts and figures, and so on. You’ll also need some of these for official forms, and if you seek the support of a mediator or family lawyer they’ll also want these as supporting evidence.

So to make things a little easier for you at this hectic time, here’s a list of the kinds of things you may need.

Note: We recommend you give a full, frank and clear disclosure of all your financial and other relevant circumstances. We can only review your case based on the information you give us. We expect this information to be a true representation of your financial and other relevant circumstances. A failure to give full and accurate disclosure will prevent your case from being reviewed by a Mediator.

If you are found to have been deliberately untruthful, criminal proceedings may be brought against you for fraud under the Fraud Act 2006.



Copies of these document(s) would be acceptable
For example, deeds of covenant from grandparents

Housing - Your home and any other properties you own

These must be from within the past six months (in order to obtain estimates which are accurate, you can consult two or three local estate agents
For example, joint tenants, tenants in common, etc.
This must include whose name the mortgage is in, amount of mortgage outstanding, and any redemption penalty
This needs to include date of maturity, value on maturity, current surrender/fund/transfer value of scheme

Assets and debts

Each must include provider name, account no., and copies of recent statements and pass books showing balances
Please provide certificates of ownership with current valuations of all those that you hold or have an interest in
For example, loans you have made to others
Please provide copies of any documentation
That are owed to you, or you owe to another individual
Copies of rules of any schemes, and statements showing transfer value of pension (this is known as the ‘Cash Equivalent Value’ or CEV), widow(er)s' and death on service benefits and projected value on retirement
Copies of documents showing sum assured, date of maturity, current surrender values, and names of beneficiaries
Documents giving details of all money owed (including any early repayment penalties) either individually or jointly. Including overdrafts on bank accounts, bank loans, other loans (include private loans from friends or family), hire purchase agreements, credit and store cards, and any tax owed


More may be required if your income was irregular
This has the details about your annual gross pay and deductions
This must include accounts, tax return and computation and tax assessments for the previous two years, including an estimate of net income since date of last account
For example, dividends, interest or rental income

ID Verification

One piece of photographic documentation such as:

For example, a UK Citizen ID card

One document confirming your name and current address such as:

For example, a council tax statement
For example. tax assessment, statement of account, notice of coding but not a P45 or P60
For example, child allowance or pension

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