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Informing others

Set up an account

Setup an account

You can use the tools within Separation Planner without the need for an account, but if you want to save them so you can update or change them in the future setting up an account now is the best thing to do.

If you’ve already setup an account, login before you start using the tool, so any work you do will be saved into your activity dashboard.

What do you think of Separation Planner?

We’ve put together a survey that gives you the opportunity to tell us what you think. We will use your information to understand better how our users use the service and to help us improve it for users in the future.

Draw up a list of people and organisations you need to informed of your separation or divorce.

You and your (ex-)partner can decide who is going to inform who. Here’s a list of who you may need to inform.  





You may need to re-direct your mail

Check your situation with our assessment tools

  • Getting documents together

    You will need to get together a range of information, depending on your current circumstances. Here’s a list of the kinds of things you may need.

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  • Budget Planner

    Use the Money Advice Service's free Budget Planner to put you in control of your household spending and analyse your results to help you take control of your money.

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