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We've got stuck

Sometimes when you’ve started to talk to your partner you can get to a point where you realise you’re going nowhere. You can’t seem to agree on anything.

We've got stuck

The key to moving forward is understanding that becoming unstuck is generally achieved through working together. This is true in families and in businesses, but also in any relationship where the parties depends upon each other, such as when parenting apart.

Moving towards win:win

If you’re fixed on an ideal outcome of your talks, then this can block any kind of resolution. Even if you could get an agreement, it could cause resistance or resentment further down the line. However, if you focus too much on what your partner wants, you could be the one feeling resentful in the future.

Briefly, “I win, you lose” or “I lose, you win” are ineffective strategies in the short or longer term. They can cause a lot of heartache and stress.

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We've got stuck

Improving your negotiation

Try this activity to move your negotiation to a ‘win:win’ outcome.

Write down the key points you want to discuss with your partner. You can then consider all the possible options which would satisfy you both. You may find the following tips helpful for doing this:

  • Separate the person from the problem. Really seek to understand and express the needs and concerns of your partner.
  • Identify key issues and concerns on both sides
  • Determine what results would constitute a fully acceptable solution
  • Identify and discuss possible new options
  • Aim for a win:win solution

Why not try our ‘Ready to separate’ tool?

Facing the end of your relationship can be traumatic and confusing. Our free tool can help you work out what to do next.

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  • Getting documents together

    You will need to get together a range of information, depending on your current circumstances. Here’s a list of the kinds of things you may need.

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  • Informing others

    There will be a number of people and organisations that you will need to contact and let know about your change of circumstances, here’s a list of who you may need to inform.

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  • Budget Planner

    Use the Money Advice Service's free Budget Planner to put you in control of your household spending and analyse your results to help you take control of your money.

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